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Apr 15, 2021 Technology

A specialist in the delivery of utility services, infrastructure, mining and urban development across Australia and New Zealand, Calibre Diona works closely with utility providers, mining houses, developers, councils and government departments.

In order to meet the various risk management, safety, compliance and reporting obligations imposed by such work, Calibre Diona identified the need for an easy to use system for their workers that could also generate comprehensive reports to assist with improved data analysis.

In a rigorous and extensive search of the marketplace, Calibre Diona tried and tested a range of solutions, finally identifying WHS Monitor as the best solution to meet it’s requirements. Offering a streamlined and customisable compliance management process, WHS Monitor allows Calibre Diona to manage everything from Hazard reporting to job and project risk assessments. With one click workers can add a new risk or hazard and rate it’s risk in real time.

Mark Stumer from Calibre Diona says “We have always held ourselves to the highest standards of safety and risk management, but with manual systems this has meant a cost to our business in the efficiency and effectiveness of our workers. We needed a better way to capture risk and safety information in the field and found that WHS Monitor’s Risk Assessor provides an easy to use and flexible solution to our needs.”

Providing a comprehensive suite of pre-existing solutions for the implemented risk, incident and audit modules, WHS Monitor provided Calibre Diona the perfect blend of out-of-the-box compliance documentation and inbuilt customisation options. Using the systems fully configurable workflows, the project team were able to design a suitable end-to-end work process to ensure that all stakeholders were made accountable for their safety responsibilities and managers were provided up to date compliance dashboards.

During their search for solutions, Calibre Diona also identified that to achieve a successful change , implementation support would be a critical component of the successful rollout in their business.

“Our team have really benefited from the support and expertise provided by the WHS Monitor team. It has been so beneficial to work with a team who not only understand their product, but are also health and safety trained professionals themselves. They were able to consult with our team at every level from WHS outcomes to integration and technical requirements to be able to configure the system to our needs.

They understood what we wanted to achieve and worked with us to setup the system how we needed it to work. ”
Due to the flexibility of the solution provided by WHS Monitor, Calibre Diona was able to include all of their operations team in the design and testing of the solution to address their requirements directly, streamlining the change management process and minimising barriers to implementation.

“The team are excited by not only the process we have created for them now, but also for the possibilities for further improvements in our safety and risk management.”

Find out more about WHS Monitor services here. 

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