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Oct 12, 2021 Policy & Trends

Staying current with which standards must be met is crucial for any practitioner, which is why the Australian 米乐体育M6app下载ing Codes Board (ABCB) has launched a specific NCC CPD course on understanding standards and other NCC referenced documents.

The National Construction Code (NCC) addresses many aspects of building design, construction and performance that have evolved with time. These include new materials, new methodologies and improvements to fire safety, thermal performance and energy efficiency.

What it does not do is contain details of every design and construction requirement for a building, plumbing or drainage system. Instead, the NCC calls upon or “references” a range of documents.

Keeping current with which standards must be met is essential for any builder or site manager, which is why the ABCB has launched a specific NCC CPD course on understanding standards and other NCC referenced documents.

This course addresses many of the most common questions about referenced documents and provides examples to help you determine how to use the right standard, in the right way, to comply with the NCC.

Scenario : AS 5113 was first referenced in the NCC by BCA 2016 Volume One Amendment 1 in a Verification Method, CV3 Fire spread via external walls (CV3).

Since the standard’s original publication there has been an amendment to this standard.

So how does a practitioner determine if the amendment must be complied with?

Additionally, this standard contains secondary referenced documents. How does a practitioner determine which version of those standards apply?

NCC CPD takes participants through this subject in an engaging manner that they can apply in their day-to-day work, helping ensure they nail compliance.

To find our more, visit cpd.abcb.gov.au

About the Australian 米乐体育M6app下载ing Codes Board’s NCC CPD 

Developed by the  Australian 米乐体育M6app下载ing Codes Board  (ABCB) in consultation with industry, government and subject matter experts, NCC CPD are new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses designed to reinforce industry understanding of the National Construction Code (NCC).

The subject areas explore industry issues, and challenges identified in the  米乐体育M6app下载ing Confidence Report . Experts from relevant disciplines have contributed to developing the course content and supporting materials, to ensure NCC CPD courses are practical and relevant to your everyday work. The courses support and supplement other CPD courses provided by industry, government and existing accreditation schemes.

NCC CPD courses target key practitioner groups, these being:

  • Compliance practitioners including building surveyors;
  • Design and engineering practitioners including architects, designers, draftspersons, specialists and engineers (including fire and hydraulic); and
  • Construct and install practitioners including builders, plumbers, fire protection practitioners, and site/project managers.

The NCC CPD courses give industry practitioners an opportunity to undertake online, self-paced and affordable learning that address some of the most common challenges experienced with meeting the requirements of the NCC.  Courses for different practitioner types are available online now at cpd.abcb.gov.au , will more courses coming soon.

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