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Created by Australia’s oldest Quantity Surveying firm, Rawlinsons Construction Cost Reference Books have provided Australia with reliable, trusted data since 1983.

Covering all Australian states, both the Australian Construction Handbook and Construction Cost Guide are compiled annually, commencing with in depth discussions with a selected list of respected industry experts, followed by comprehensive research and calculations before editing and, finally, production.

Both publications are calculated using different labour rates, labour constants and material discount structures. Aimed at projects under $1.5 million, Rawlinsons Construction Cost Guide targets smaller scale residential and commercial projects and light industrial ventures. The Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook contains over 1000 pages of data and information and is tailored for more complex projects in excess of $1.5 million.

Both publications , depending on the size and complexity of your project, can be used from the inception of a project, utilising the cost per square metre section in order to ascertain a budget based on the overall square metre of the building and its functionality, as well as quality of finish. The comparative rates section is then used through concept and schematic design for accurate estimations. Finally, the detailed pricing section accurately prices individual units of work, allowing confident estimations for individual trades during contract documentation at project tender.

rawlinsons digital cost guide

In the ever changing modern office landscape, information needs to be easily accessible. As such, as well as a traditional hardcopy, all publications (right back to the 1983 edition), are available via a secure, digital platform, which are available to purchase via a subscription.

Rawlinsons are delighted to launch their 40 th and 30 th respective annual editions of the nationally respected Australian Construction Handbook and Construction Cost Guide. A leader in the construction industry, Rawlinsons are Quantity Surveying professionals and experts in their field and are understandably proud of the longevity and success of their cost publications.

In celebration of the milestones, Rawlinsons (W.A.) commissioned two pieces of artwork from contemporary Aboriginal Artist, Renee Clifton, who currently resides on Noongar country. The striking art is a tribute to Renee’s talent and acknowledgment of her culture. Rawlinsons are honoured to display Renee’s artwork on the special editions.

rawlinsons cost guide

Involved in Oil & Gas? We have the reference book for you

Researched and written by Engineering and Construction expert, Steve Howard, and published by Rawlinsons (W.A.), the Process Engineering Handbook is an ideal reference for all involved in oil and gas, mining and process engineering.

Developed from over 30 years of experience on Australian and International mine sites, it is an aid to the experienced estimator, or project manager, and a learning resource to the inexperienced estimator.

This book provides project and construction management data as well as installation, fabrication methods and theory, thereby assisting those already in the know and providing a higher level of understanding.

Rawlinsons Process Engineering Handbook is utilised by engineering companies and major mining groups that use it primarily for early stage high level capital costs where engineering and design is at a low level. The publication also contains a level of detail which allows fabrication companies to develop estimates that can be translated into schedules for construction due to the time and cost related estimations. Rawlinsons 2022 Australian Construction Handbook and Cost Guide, along with Edition 2 of the Process Engineering Handbook are available to purchase now, head over to www.rawlhouse.com.au for more information.

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