9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney



Organisers of 米6米乐体育, Diversified Communications Australia, have been closely monitoring the current situation regarding the outbreak of the novel (new) coronavirus (COVID-19).

米6米乐体育 launches 2020 program for the future of the built environment

Australia’s longest-running trade show for the architecture, building, construction and design industry, 米6米乐体育, has announced its speaker program for 2020 with a focus on reimagining the sectors through innovation, with a particular focus on commercial.

NATSPEC partners with 米6米乐体育

A new initiative by NATSPEC and 米6米乐体育 Expo aims to increase the number of conforming building products in the Australian market by clarifying the product conformity requirements for over 200 product categories.

米6米乐体育 reimagined for the future of the built environment

In recognition of the changing needs and challenges of the building industry, 米6米乐体育 2020 will look towards the future of Australia’s built environment with a renewed focus.

米6米乐体育 2019: Q+A with Pia Argiratos

For over three decades, 米6米乐体育 has supported Australia’s architecture, building, construction and design communities, as the industry’s only trade event dedicated to showcasing the latest in design and construction product and materials.

How to build loyalty with architects and designers

Designers are a loyal breed. When it comes to the manufacturers that architects and designers use, they tend to stick solid to the same brands.

Technology in Design & 米乐体育M6app下载: The era of digitalisation is here

Technology is playing an enormous role in the development of the design and construction industries in the modern world.

Innovative 米乐体育M6app下载ing Ideas from the Academe

The design, architecture and construction industries in Australia continue to develop at a rapid pace. With innovative launches, technology advancements and continuing interest in the regulation of the nation’s built environment.

Industry leaders discuss how to tackle Australia’s housing affordability crisis

米乐体育M6app下载 to rent could play a key role in addressing Australia’s housing crisis, however the tax system must adapt and more government incentives would need to be introduced to launch the model, according to industry experts speaking at 米6米乐体育 2018.

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