9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


Five fresh new cafés in Melbourne and Sydney

When it comes to café culture, Australia really does take the cake. But the design experience is just as important as the food, and, thankfully, we're not in short supply of talented creatives either.

How graphene could disrupt design and construction

Technology within the materials space is always on the move. Since graphene arrived on the scene, companies have raced to find scalable industry applications for a material with the potential to disrupt the construction industry and how we design our world.

米6米乐体育 2018: It’s all in the detail

The only dedicated trade show to bring together Australia’s built environment community, 米6米乐体育, is returning for its 32nd year for three days of unrivalled networking and inspiration.

Smart 米乐体育M6app下载ing Cladding Panels: Breaking the Culture of Non-Compliance

With the fires of recent years, there has been continuously stimulated awareness on the importance of smart building cladding panels among the building and construction sector in Australia.

Bold and Brave – Adventurous Architecture

Jan 31, 2018 Architecture
Those contemplating a new home may be inspired by television shows that appear to push architectural boundaries. But when it comes to commissioning a new home, the word ‘caution’ rather than ‘adventurous’ is at the forefront of their minds.

Concrete flooring: Unrivalled in “green” attributes

Jan 23, 2018 Sustainability
Environmentally friendly design and construction is an ever-increasing trend as being 'green' plays on the consciousness of today's society. The importance of such should therefore be transferred through every aspect of a building and with the floor being one of the major components in every building.

Community by Sekisui House goes solar to power common areas

Jan 22, 2018 Sustainability
Several power-saving initiatives are being implemented at The Orchards, a new masterplanned residential community being developed by Sekisui House Australia in Norwest, Sydney, to provide future residents ongoing savings in utility costs.

Saving old wooden windows through sustainable conservation

Retrofits extend the life of existing windows, avoid production of new materials, reduce waste and preserve a home's character. Sealasash is a company on a mission to conserve our built heritage and negate the need to rip out old wooden windows.

The 1970’s – a significant period for residential architecture

In the mid-1990's, magazines such as wallpaper* created renewed interest in houses designed in the 1950's through to the ‘70s. Homes with large picture windows, filled with iconic post-war designed furniture, captured the imagination of home hunters worldwide.

Biophilic design built into new Melbourne Metro stations

Jan 15, 2018 Architecture
Melbourne’s new underground railway stations are set to be the first piece of Australian public infrastructure to include “biophilic design” – a ground-breaking method that takes green architecture far beyond landscaping and solar panels.
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