9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


National signage manufacturer and importer, SAS Supplier Group, offers a revolutionary new fire retardant panel, featuring a unique corrugated aluminium core, providing greater strength and durability than its competitors’ products.

At a glance SAS’s non-combustible panel –  Alcor-N panels look visually similar to other aluminium composite panels, yet its secret lies within. The name itself – Alcor – N highlights the product’s key feature, a unique corrugated 100% aluminium core which provides superb strength and durability.

Driven by the need for safer building materials, Alcor-N panels meet the requirements as set by BCA, having been tested to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 and also compliant with Clause C1.9e (vi) (previously C1.12 part (f)) in accordance with the National Construction Code. Due to this compliance, Alcor-N can be confidently used on any building facade.

Its strength is provided by the aluminium core, with its corrugated form disbursing any pressure throughout the panel itself, which weighs just over 4.5km per square metre. A 0.5mm skin, available with either PVDF or FEVE coatings, provides outstanding weather resistance, ensuring long term durability in Australia’s wide range of climates. The panels are also highly resistant to other corrosive substances including acidic and alkaline chemicals and salt.

Working with Alcor-N panels is as familiar as traditional aluminium panels. It is just as easy to fabricate and install, and it too can be routed, cut and folded.

Off the shelf, Alcor-N is available in 4mm; 0.5 skin; 3050 x 1550mm in 4 versatile colours:  metallic silver, charcoal, White and Black. Custom colours are easily ordered, minimum quantities will apply

When asked about the success of Alcor-N, SAS Supplier Group’s Vic Sales Manager Mark Ferguson stated, “It has sold very well and has become quite popular as more and more builders, engineers and architects are seeking safer more versatile products.”

“We watch the industry,” Mark added, “paying close attention to not just what our customers are crying out for, but the broader industry itself. With incidents such as last year’s Grenfell Tower fire in West London, and a potential disaster in Melbourne’s Docklands back in 2014, we’re proud to offer a product that could help prevent disasters like those in the future.”

The SAS Supplier Group also provide a wide variety of aluminium panels, with the world’s largest range of 77 coloured aluminium composite panels available. With fully stocked warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, quick delivery times are guaranteed.

The SAS Supplier Group are exhibiting at 米6米乐体育 2018 on Stand B24. Register in advance for free admission. 

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