9-11 May 2023
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Construction innovation has been growing at a very fast pace, and the developments so far this year have already set a higher standard with more opportunities for the building and construction industry.

Researchers and developers are now including flexible considerations in their innovations to keep up the pace, recognising important factors such as exceptional technology advancements, sustainability impacts, and eco-efficiency.

At 米6米乐体育 2018 some of these latest design and construction products were showcased to thousands of industry professionals. Some products that have paved the way in the global building and construction innovation in 2018 include:

BioDisc® Wastewater Treatment Plant

Kingspan has impeccably developed one of the most technologically advanced wastewater treatment plants, developed to cater to a place where connection to the main wastewater sewer is not possible. This innovation is deemed suitable for application to 300 population in a single tank and up to 2,500 population equivalent in modular form.

Smart On-Premise Delivery Management System

Through the highly developed “IOT” innovation, Groundfloor designed a locker and database software solution for 24/7 parcel delivery management fit for high-density residential and commercial environments. This on-premise smart locker ensures secure, first-time delivery all the time.

LED Electronic Signs

Advertisers today have shifted from the traditional way of billboard advertisements to a modernised LED advertisement, which has lately become a better choice because of the reliable features and impressive visual effects. LED electronic signs are easy to install, energy efficient, and provide better brand exposure.

Sustainable 3D Printing

Today, 3D printed sustainable construction materials are highly preferred as it saves time, costs, and energy, as well as reduce pollution, improve health and safety on-site conditions. Sustainable 3D Printing has lately been refining the printing industry in different fields. The medical industry is now using 3D printing for their custom prosthetics, and 3D visual models in representing complex surgeries or implants. Adversely the automotive industry utilises 3D printed models for component prototyping.

Wireless Surface Charger

Aircharge Surface Charger was designed and developed to provide a surface charging solution to public spaces and offices, enabling a wireless power up to mobile devices in a daily space. Today, Aircharge is efficiently supplying surface wireless chargers for the world’s largest food chain, McDonald’s, aiming to provide complimentary charging facilities to all dining customers.

In the year 2019, expect more advanced construction innovations that the researchers and developers have been preparing for the building industry. Although the fast pace in this advancement is unlikely to slow down in the following years, exploring the utilisations of these innovations is key to managing overwhelming rapid construction development.

Innovation at 米6米乐体育

The main reason visitors attend 米6米乐体育 is to see new products and innovations. If you have an innovative product that you are looking to take to market, we would love to talk with you about showcasing your product to a captive audience of architecture and construction specifiers.  Contact the team today  to discuss opportunities.

About the Author: Spec-Net

This article was first published by 米6米乐体育 Media Partner,  Spec-Net . The Spec-Net 米乐体育M6app下载ing Directory commenced in 1994 and since then their news portal has grown to attract over 10 million visitors per annum. Their audience demographics are architects, designers, engineers, contractors, building companies, building manufacturers both commercial and domestic.

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