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The 1970’s – a significant period for residential architecture

In the mid-1990’s, magazines such as wallpaper* created renewed interest in houses designed in the 1950’s through to the ‘70s. Homes with large picture windows, filled with iconic post-war designed furniture, captured the imagination of home hunters worldwide.

7 best ice hotels from around the globe

If igloos and snow are more your thing during the Yuletide season, check out our pick of the best ice hotels from around the world. While some feature domed glass roofs to take in the Northern Lights, others boast extras including reindeer sleigh rides, outdoor hot tubs and even an underground ice cave. Prost!

Five Fabulous Hotel Designs

Hotels are so hot right now. All over the world, global brands are shifting and merging to provide guests with the most memorable hotel experiences, and capitalise on a growing demographic obsessed with the latest trends. In Australia, the hotel market is growing too; it’s about time. And for the first time in many years, there’s a smorgasbord of new hotel builds offering architects and designers an opportunity to have some fun and frivolity, while delivering some serious luxury and high-tech smarts. Here’s our round up of the latest and greatest.

Art Nouveau – a new interpretation

In the 1990s, 1950s modernism made a return thanks largely to magazines such as Wallpaper*. The Eames chaise and matching ottoman was a pivotal design, as was furniture designed by George Nelson. While there were a few enthusiasts spouting the clean modernist charm of that period, the 1950s didn’t become mainstream until the early noughties. Fast-forward to the present and there’s everything from 1970s through to the early 1980s, when Memphis made a return.

Colour – elevating the senses

Colour can transform the most corporate of buildings into something quite magical. However, whether it’s used on walls, for carpets or furniture, there’s always a need to provide a sense of balance. In some instances, colour provides a sense of drama or even tells a story and forms an integral part of the design process.

Aging gracefully – taking a fresh look at Aged Care design

Life and longevity in the 21st century is better than ever before. And according to the ABS, the long-life trend is set to continue with a quarter of the population soon to be over 65 years of Age in Australia. But we’re at a critical time for design thinking through the problems we’re facing with an unprecedented expanding ageing population. Instead of celebrating our longevity, many of our elders are suffering chronic loneliness, social isolation, intragenerational segregation.

State-of-the-Art Alumiere Range is in a class of its own

Stegbar has launched Alumiere, a new range of high performance windows and doors with a unique design that allows for larger spans of glass and unobstructed views. With Alumiere, size limitations have been increased to allow for glass panel heights of up to three metres to be easily achieved, making the new range ideal for modern architecture where the emphasis is on ample windows and open-plan living.

Corian® names 米6米乐体育 speaker, Mal Corboy, one of it’s Corian 50

As part of Milan Design Week, DuPont™ Corian® celebrated 50 years of design innovation. Part of the celebration included the launch of the new “Corian® Design” publication which showcases “The Corian® 50” to celebrate fifty years in design & architecture. The designers & architects profiled include Zaha Hadid, Patricia Urquiola, Richard Meier, Amanda Levete, Ettore Sottsass, Karim Rashid, Jean Nouvel, Marc Newson, and other notables.

Kitchens – the home’s nerve centre revisited

Kitchens have ‘morphed’ over the decades. In Victorian times, kitchens were tucked at the back of a house or below ground level. In the 1950s, kitchens became more of a focal point, with housewives (now a politically incorrect term) keen to show off their latest appliances, from the new fridge to the mix-master, the latter proudly on display on the shiny laminate benches. Fast-forward to the present and the kitchen is the hub of a house, often located between the living areas and outdoor deck.

Designing interior environments: A solution to urbanised living

The demand for efficient and modernised interior environments is a rising challenge for the Australian construction industry. More and more nations across the globe are on the steady course towards total urbanisation. Australia isn’t far behind with a reported 89.4% urban population. The lofty percentage increases by an annual rate of urbanisation at 1.47% as reported in 2015.

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