9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


It takes a team to make real change. With increasing challenges, costs and competition, change is exactly what our industry needs.

Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) and our government counterparts Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) are working together as the Strategic Forum for the Australasian 米乐体育M6app下载ing and Construction Industry to bring about positive change. This includes publishing a series of Guides and resources for companies to work towards project team integration (PTI) and to be able to embrace the many benefits of 米乐体育M6app下载ing Information Modelling (BIM).

Why? Because it saves money throughout the process, which releases more work into the pipeline. By integrating project teams, we create, sustain and encourage the collaborative behaviour that is vital to improving efficiency and productivity, reducing wasted effort, and minimising disputes. Greater collaboration on the design, cost plan and allocation of risk before construction begins results in an asset that meets or exceeds its purpose. Not only that, but collaboration also makes going to work a better experience, so the industry can attract and retain quality talent, and build a strong, sustainable future.

Thursday 30 April at 12.30pm on the Design米乐体育M6app下载 Seminar stage, ACIF will be workshopping Project Team Integration. Here you will have the opportunity to understand the business benefits of PTI, and importantly, how to make it work – really work – in your organisation.

Resources published by Strategic Forum include A Framework for the Adoption of Project Team Integration and 米乐体育M6app下载ing Information Modelling , which identifies the key elements that make Project Team Integration and BIM work. Also in the series is The Case for Project Team Integration , plus Project Team Integration Workbook .

“The Framework and other resources we have produced are intended to improve both the process and the result when building assets for the ultimate end user – the Australian people,” said the Chairman of ACIF, Ian Pedersen.

“This document outlines proposed activities required to successfully implement BIM across government agencies and private sector clients, as well as construction industry service providers, including the facilitation of more integrated project teams from the outset. Its adoption embraces the new wave of technology available and being used on a number of large government builds, such as hospitals, and private sector projects. Embracing PTI and BIM on a project is the way the industry is heading.”

Neil Castles, Chair of the APCC Council of Chief Executives agrees: “BIM encourages innovative practices together with productivity, time and quality gains applicable at every stage of the project delivery process without inhibiting competition or transparency.“

A ‘whole of industry’ approach will inspire more advanced and innovative use of BIM. The result being smoother construction processes with less wasted effort, and construction products, increasing end-user satisfaction and longer asset-life for use by the community.

More information about Strategic Forum for 米乐体育M6app下载ing and Construction, and to access its publications, visit www.acif.com.au/strategicforum .

About ACIF

Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) is the peak body and meeting place of the leaders of the construction industry in Australia. ACIF facilitates and supports an active dialogue between the key players in residential and non-residential building, and engineering construction, other industry groups, and government agencies.

ACIF Members are the most significant Associations in the industry, spanning the entire asset creation process from feasibility through design, cost planning, construction and building and management. ACIF harnesses the resources of its Members to research and develop initiatives that benefit businesses of all sizes, from the largest of construction companies to small consultancies.

Information about ACIF is available from www.acif.com.au .

About ACIF Forecasts

ACIF Forecasts are rolling ten year forecasts of demand across residential, non residential and engineering construction in Australia. The Forecasts are prepared by respected economic modellers and overseen by ACIF’s Construction Forecasting Council, an industry panel of expert analysts and researchers.

ACIF Forecasts are used by thousands of professionals each year, from across the full range of stakeholders, from major organisations to small consultancies. Updates to the ACIF Forecasts are released first at ACIF Briefings held around Australia in April and September. More information about ACIF is available from www.acif.com.au/forecasts .


Peter Barda, Executive Director, Australian Construction Industry Forum
Phone: 1300 854 543, mobile: 0418 438 550, email: ceo@acif.com.au

Pia Argiratos, Marketing Manager, Australian Construction Industry Forum
Mobile: 0405 144 314, email pia@acif.com.au

More information and resources for media are available at www.acif.com.au/news/media .


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