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Oct 27, 2014 Architecture

Melbourne Architecture Annual (MA|A) is a week-long festival that engages with the public to create an open discussion about architecture, city building and sustainable communities. MA|A features a diverse program of events based around Federation Square and inner Melbourne that explores your city, your home and your architecture. Organised by the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter, MA|A aims to raise awareness of the effects the built environment has on our lives and society, and encourage public discussion about architecture.

This year, MA|A coincides with Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW), an annual celebration bringing together innovators, tech-heads, entrepreneurs and experts.  Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW) showcases the creativity and diversity of our knowledge sectors and the important contribution they make to our economy, culture and vitality. It also aims to support the many people and organisations that lie at the heart of this city’s dynamic knowledge economy.

Here are our top picks for this weeks program.

Raising the Green Bar: How can Melbourne learn from nature?
October 29th @ 6pm | Free for members or $20 
Jane Toner, architect, Australia’s first Biomimicry Specialist and founder of BiomimicrySwarm Australia will chair this cross-disciplinary panel of expertise to discuss what Melbourne can learn from nature about creating a sustainable and generous city. Biomimicry is an emerging discipline in which the functional strategies used by biological forms, processes and systems are emulated in abstracted design strategies to generate innovative sustainable design solutions for human design challenges. This event is one of a trilogy of MA|A events being presented by the Australian Institute of Architects.
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Refuel CPD Seminar: Knowledge to Scale 
October 27 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm | $12 – $84
The ‘Knowledge to Scale’ panel discussion will showcase how Melbourne architects work across the different scales of the built environment,from new multi-storey residential towers and major commercial and institutional buildings to the scale of laneway shops and restaurants – each in their own way contributing to the nature and scale of the city’s fabric.  Drawing upon Melbourne architects working at these different scales, this forum will reveal some of the processes, considerations and knowledge involved in creating and delivering upon new spaces and buildings for the city environment, including Sneakerboy and Gazi, the collaborative project – RMIT’s New Academic Street project, alongside projects that featured in this year’s Victorian Architecture Awards program. The ‘Knowledge to Scale’ forum will be run as an informal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event and will be held in the Australian Institute of Architects’ new building, 41EX – an innovative 5 star commercial office building located in Melbourne’s CBD.
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Making culture: Stories of a life in architecture
November 1 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm | Free
Architecture, in subtle but crucial ways, reflects the values of its creators. The buildings that surround us are not just about style or taste, but are alive with ideas about culture, identity and what it means to be in this part of the world.
Join five of Australia’s leading architects as they discuss their personal stories, shared in the newly released book From the Ground Up: 20 Stories of a Life in Architecture. What is it that drew them to architecture? How have they made a life for themselves in this intensely demanding calling? What drives them on? This event, the first in a nationwide series of talks, will reveal the very human influences shaping our buildings, our cities and our societies.
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MA|A runs from Monday 27th to Sunday 2nd November. For more information and the full program of events visit  wp.architecture.com.au/melbournearchitecture .

Image via  architectureau.com

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