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Jan 23, 2018 Sustainability

Environmentally friendly design and construction is an ever-increasing trend as being 'green' plays on the consciousness of today's society. The importance of such should therefore be transferred through every aspect of a building and with the floor being one of the major components in every building.

Concrete is unparalleled as an environmentally friendly flooring material. With the option to manufacture out of recycled materials with long life cycles, improvement of indoor environmental quality and endless design options, concrete flooring is not only functional but an aesthetically pleasing too.

Speaking with Green Concrete Products, 米6米乐体育 2018 exhibitor, “Our core business offers sustainable concrete solutions for concrete floor and wall projects in the construction industry Australia wide. With industry specific expertise dating back to 1980, being green by design is a key value to our success on all projects we are involved in.”

A major project that spanned many years where sustainability was a key factor in its design and development was the Melbourne Market Relocation from its West Footscray origins to the new state of the art complex in Epping. The life span of the concrete floors were paramount to its sustainability and productivity as shut down time for re-coating or re-application would always be costly to the consumer.

The Ashford Formula’s “green” attributes were no doubt a major contributor in its selection for use on this facility. The Ashford Formula is water-based, contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and is fume and vapour free. Unlike many other floor coverings which require adhesives, or contain fibres that can harbour odours and other indoor air contaminants. The Ashford Formula sealed and dust-proofed the exposed concrete floors, eliminating any concern regarding poor indoor air quality. The Ashford Formula is also a one-time, permanent application that lasts the lifetime of the concrete and is also ideal for preserving and protecting existing concrete floors. The manufacturer of the Ashford Formula provided a 20 year warranty that further enhanced its appeal and suitability for the project.

Expert advice and sustainable concrete solutions are available for your next project Australia wide, contact Callum O’Neill at Green Concrete Products callum@greenconcreteproducts.com.au

Green Concrete Products are exhibiting at 米6米乐体育, 2-4 May 2018 on stand B32. If you are interested in placing your products in front of key architects and construction professionals,  contact our team today .

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