9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


With a constantly evolving built environment, it’s vital to stay on top of professional accreditation and continued development. The new CPD BUILDer platform, created and hosted by 米6米乐体育, allows you to access one of Australia’s largest databases of built environment professionals, year-round and help build your brand as a certified thought leader.

For over 30 years, 米6米乐体育 has brought the architecture, building and construction community together to share their latest products and insight. Now we’re taking this insight one step further by offering a platform for our nation-wide audience to gain CPD points with a series of half day, online courses from already certified suppliers and relevant course providers.

This new CPD series, will focus on providing CPD topics that address current guidelines and the most-up-to-date technical information and applications for all parts of the industry. Most importantly, it will be based on existing certified presentations, so you can leverage your existing accredited CPD or related educational courses.

How CPD BUILDer works

Online Delivery

We’re removing the uncertainty of live in-room education, with all sessions being hosted via our new online platform, held across a series of half days. Each half day will consist of up to 5 x CPD accredited sessions.

Fast & Formal

Each CPD presentation is 1 hr (equivalent to 1 Formal CPD point) using your own pre-recorded video tutorials, meaning you can get the most out of your already prepared education tools.

National Audience

Each session will host up to 80 pax and draw from our nation-wide database of 30,000+ architects, designers and building professionals who require fulfillment of their annual CPD points.

Live & On Demand

Audience can access sessions in real time (on the day) as well as having access to sessions on demand (after the event), giving access to year-round lead generation.

Year Round Calendar

The CPD BUILDer program is part of the wider Built Environment event calendar alongside leading event brands: 米6米乐体育, Total Facilities, Be Summit and Digital Construction Week

Presentation Opportunities

Headline Presenting Sponsor

Give your brand premium exposure across our most valuable promotional channels at all stages of the marketing cycle and during the online event. Headline sponsorship not only increases your brand awareness but positions your brand as THE foremost thought leader in the Australian built environment with unrivalled exposure and access to our audience.

More benefits

Session Presenting Sponsor

Position your brand as one of the most up-to-date industry CPD and education providers in the country and benefit from year-round exposure to our qualified built environment audience. Session sponsors not only receive branding across our event marketing channels and key points within the CPD BUILDer platform, but they also help your already accredited courses reach a wider pool of engaged decision-makers.

More benefits
  • Be part of a new platform to help build a stronger, more informed built environment.

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Digital Opportunities

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