9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


Allergy Medical in Sydney’s Double Bay is the first clinic of it’s kind in Australia, providing the most advanced and comprehensive allergy care available today.

Designed by  Hassell Studio , the interiors reflect the quality of service provided by Allergy Medical perfectly – a welcoming space that supports improved health and wellbeing through chemical free products.

Photo credit:  Guy Wilkinson

Materials were selected to intentionally reflect the goals of the business. Mafi  Larch Brushed White Oil  floorboards were specified by Hassell because of their health benefits and chemical free properties: 100% chemical free, containing no VOC’s or formaldehyde. Mafi are proud partners of the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice program.

Reducing exposure to toxins is imperative to creating healthier living and working conditions. Chemicals, smoke, dust, mould, pollen and dust mites are all triggers asthma and allergies and largely a result of poor indoor air quality. Mafi all-natural products and processes work as a system to effectively reduce these harmful and annoying environmental triggers.

The Mafi philosophy surrounds improving  health and wellbeing  through all natural, chemical free timber flooring, which in turn supports a healthy indoor environment. Here at Mafi, we believe that the best timber floors are completely natural. Therefore, we disassociate ourselves with plastic coatings, laquers, stains or polishes. Instead we use an all natural oil finish which soaks into the wood and hardens it from within. The oil is made up of natural plant fats and oils as well as the oil soap that is used to clean and maintain a Mafi floor.

Mafi  Larch Brushed White Oil  planks were also used to clad the wall as a design feature at the clinic’s entrance.

Many commonly used building materials contain toxic and harmful chemicals that can affect our health. Create your healthy living and work environment by making informed decisions. Find products that are free from toxic and harmful chemicals including VOC’s and formaldehyde. Look for products that display the NACA (National Asthma Council of Australia) Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol. Do your research, check the ingredients, ask questions and choose wisely.

The National Asthma Council of Australia ’s Sensitive Choice® program is about helping Australians to recognise products and brands that offer asthma and allergy care. The Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol is displayed on products that support the cause. To find out more information about at the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program  click here .

About the author: Mafi Timber

Mafi produces natural finished, engineered timber floor boards. Mafi has remained committed to improving the health and aesthetics of the living space, with the same social, environmental and economical integrity as it was when the business first started. Mafi creates a 100% natural product of the highest quality and embodies a responsibility towards the environment.

Mafi Australia began trading in 2008 and has developed a solid foundation in the design and architecture industry. Directed by Michael Milling, Mafi Australia continues to grow and bring beautiful, environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable products to their customers.

Story credit:  Mafi Timber (w ords by Ella)

Source:  http://www.mafi.com.au/allergy-medical/

This article was originally published by Mafi Timber , exhibitor at 米6米乐体育.

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