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As world leaders in wine storage, 米6米乐体育 exhibitor, EuroCave are often asked what is the best way to store a wine collection, and the answer is always the same. It depends.

After more than 15 years advising Architects, Designers and their clients on the technical aspects of cellaring wine and assisting with the creation of hundreds of wine spaces, we know that there is definitely not a one size fits all solution.  Sometimes clients come to us with a plan in mind but asking them some pertinent questions about how they intend to use the space reveals that what they have in mind is not necessarily the best option for them.

One of our client’s designers called us with plans to build a large wine cellar in their new inner Melbourne home to protect and display their extensive wine collection.  Whilst this initially seemed like the logical direction, the client’s brief included tasting and drinking wine in their cellar and to use it as a destination for entertaining.  The problem is that a cellar needs to be maintained consistently at a chilly 12-14 C and this is not a comfortable environment in which to entertain.

The solution? Create a “Wine Room” at ambient temperature and house the collection in a “wine wall” encompassing a row of beautiful EuroCave Wine Cabinets.  This would enable them to furnish the room as they pleased with a bar area to store glassware as well as table and chairs to sit and relax.  This option made the wine room a highly usable and visually stunning part of their home and enabled the client to really enjoy the space with their friends and family.

There are some other advantages to this approach; for example, you can include a multiple temperature cabinet to have all wine varietals at ideal drinking temperature, ready to serve at a moment’s notice whilst all other wine cabinets at set to cellaring temperature, perfect for long-term storage.

In this instance, the client selected Revelation Wine Cabinets which include luxurious features such as seamless glass doors that can be opened without handles, full cabinet lighting as well as soft close shelving with black gloss fascias.  Shelves have individual “mains du sommeliers” which cradle each bottle of wine and presentation shelves are used to display precious bottles.

Of course, if your client doesn’t have quite the space and/or budget for such a wine room, you can still create an amazing wine space.  We’ve been involved in some beautiful projects where just one or two wine cabinets are incorporated into dining areas and complemented with a small bar area.  Almost anything is possible and we would love to help you design your client’s dream wine space!

About the author: EuroCave

EuroCave has been the world leader in wine storage, service and preservation for 42 years.

We can assist with the technical specifications required to create beautiful, bespoke wine cellars and wine spaces for hospitality, residential and commercial projects.  If your client brief includes a wine space, call us on 1800 733 621.

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