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The Right Balance of Security

Oct 31, 2018 Architecture

High fences and closed shutters may suggest a well-secured and protected home, but these features often do the exact opposite. “Once someone jumps the fence, there’s little or no surveillance, except for perhaps the security systems once inside, that’s if they’re activated,” says architect Reno Rizzo, director of Inarc Architects, who suggests that passive surveillance is often sidestepped. “A high hedge just allows an intruder to go undetected,” he adds.

Exploring the Future of Projection Mapping for Architecture

Oct 26, 2018 Architecture

The first images projected on the Sydney Opera House during Sydney’s Vivid Festival disrupted the projection mapping industry, wowing the crowds with this innovative use of mapping technology. Moving forward to the present day, it is now much harder to impress audiences with these kinds of projections as it has become the standard. 

Amenities to Share

Sep 17, 2018 Architecture

Simply scattering a few barbeques on a terrace will hardly appeal to those looking for a high standard of amenities attached to a high-rise living.

Apartments – way of the future

Aug 28, 2018 Architecture

Apartments that started to appear in major cities since the 1990s have now become the dream of the 21st century, as the dream of owning a detached house in the suburbs is fading.

Bates Smart gives five major venues a new look

Aug 22, 2018 Architecture

The diner and traveller of 2018 are demanding more and more from their experience, which presents challenges for venues in the hospitality industry to deliver.

Sydney’s loft-style restaurant inspired by motel architecture

Aug 20, 2018 Architecture

Shortlisted in the 2018 Interior Design Excellence Awards, the Park House Food Merchants is a 200-seat loft-style restaurant within the newly rebuilt Mona Vale Hotel on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Warehouse Living

Jul 27, 2018 Architecture

Warehouse living was first introduced to Melbourne in the mid-1970s, when architects Graeme Gunn and Leonard Hayball, converted a furniture warehouse in South Yarra into apartments.

New residential projects in Open House Melbourne

Jul 17, 2018 Architecture

Open House Melbourne returns each year to offer architecture fans a chance to take a peek inside some of Melbourne’s most notable architect designed homes.

Nightingale 1 brings utopian living to Brunswick

Jul 16, 2018 Architecture

Early this year saw the successful launch of Nightingale Housing’s Nightingale 1, in Melbourne’s Brunswick.

Going Vertical with inner-city townhouses

Jul 9, 2018 Architecture

As the price of land heads north, so does the height of residential buildings. Where two storeys was once the norm, now it’s common to find homes with at least three levels.

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