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Apr 26, 2019 Sustainability

Staying true to their vision and purpose of providing solutions for sustainable consumption and production, GECA have created an interactive pod to experience and learn more about sustainability.

In 2017, Good Environmental Choice Australia ( GECA ) acquired a shipping container sized 20ft (6×2.2m) and modified it with a range of GECA certified products and materials . The result was the ‘Materials in Mind’ pod; an interactive space made for visitors to explore and learn more about what makes a sustainable product or material.

Timber cladded with a living rooftop, the uniquely repurposed shipping container allows visitors to discover the range of beautiful and functional GECA certified materials and furniture. The pod provides the opportunity for visitors to interact with the built-in educational elements, which outlines the key environmental, health and social issues associated with different building materials. GECA are committed to keeping up with the latest in sustainability to show how to best create green products.

“Visitors loved the design and look of the container and enjoyed the interactive elements of learning more about what environmental, health and social criteria to look for in a material or product,” said GECA’s Marketing Manager, Paula Clasby.

The focus on environmental impact, social responsibility and the safety of products and materials, continues to increase throughout the built environment and interior design industries. The challenge for people within these industries can be knowing which options are the best and most sustainable to use. Consumers are aware that past unsustainable actions have had a negative impact on the environment, and unless they act now, these impacts will only become worse.

Since 2000, GECA have been dedicated to enabling architects, specifiers, procurement professionals and consumers make good choices for their clients and the environment. Their scheme is the first of its kind in Australia and has more certified products than any other scheme. GECA continues to empower architects, builders, designers and consumers to have confidence in their purchasing decisions. Along with the confidence to trust GECA certified products to be healthier, safer and better for the environment.

GECA’s rigorous standards are developed, following ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in ecolabelling, which are then independently audited before a product can achieve GECA certification.

GECA are bringing the ‘Materials in Mind’ pod to 米6米乐体育 2019. Explore and learn more about the market leader in environmental certification and sustainable solutions.

Visitor registration is available for 米6米乐体育 2019 now. Register in advance for free entry to discover the ‘Materials in Mind’ pod among other leading sustainable building materials.


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