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Jun 1, 2020 Sustainability

Lockdown has had some significant drawbacks, however one area where it offers opportunity is waste management. Edge Environment shares 6 opportunities to improve building waste ♻

While the lockdown has some obvious and significant drawbacks, one area where it offers an opportunity is waste management. All those near-empty buildings provide a blank canvas on which a masterpiece can be painted! Here are six opportunities that you could consider:

1. Back of house upgrades

Waste docks and other back-of-house facilities are usually in constant use, meaning that making improvements can be difficult and disruptive. Why not use the lockdown to review whether new equipment could be added to facilitate new recycling streams such as organics or soft plastics?

2. Improve bin design and layout

Current circumstances will only accelerate the shift towards flexible working and hotdesking. Why not ride that wave and use this time to remove out-dated under desk bins in favour of enhanced, centralised waste and recycling facilities?

3. Improve signage

We often find that even the best infrastructure and systems fall down for lack of suitable signage. If you do decide to add new recycling streams and/or change bin provision, you’ll need to make sure that people know where to find the right bins, alongside unambiguous information on what can/can’t go in them.

4. Create education materials and campaigns

On a similar note, now is the perfect time to step back and make sure that building occupants understand how you’re managing waste in the building. Why not create a learning module, video or downloadable guide to help ensure people know what you’re trying to achieve and what facilities are available to them?

5. Engage with waste contractors and cleaning teams

While things are quieter, you have a great opportunity to work with some of those stakeholders that are critical to successful waste management. Arrange discussions to talk through how cleaning practices could be tweaked to aid diversion rates and consider whether there is scope for greater collaboration with your waste contractor.

6. Waste avoidance through better procurement

Moving up the hierarchy, why not grab a cup of coffee and jump on Zoom with your procurement team and building managers to consider what could be done to reduce the amount of materials coming into the building, and/or to improve its recyclability.


These are just a few examples of the opportunities Edge Environment have identified that can help with your building waste management whilst a large majority of Australia is working from home. Find out more about these initiatives, click here to visit the Edge Environment website.

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